Farmington Conference Center
Saturday, July 20, 2024

About Us


About The Farmington Conference Center 

In 1986 the Maine Baptist Association in partnership with the  New Hampshire Baptist Association assumed ownership of 52 acres of farmland on the Sandy River in Farmington, Maine.  At the time of this acquisition an old colonial home, an attached shed and carriage house along with a detached barn and country store.  The old colonial home was the centerpiece of the property which was built in 1790 by Moses Chandler.  He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and an officer under George Washington.  The property was subsequently owned by descendants of Moses Chandler, one of which was Dr. Mary Cushman, a medical doctor and missionary to Africa.  When the general store was renovated and converted to a church sanctuary the building was named Cushman Chapel in recognition of her 20 years of Christian missionary service.

The colonial home, known to local historians as the Moses Chandler House has eight rooms, five  fireplaces and was restored by Earl and Carole Edgerly who served as the first resident managers of the Conference Center.  Earl also served as pastor of the Farmington Baptist Church (SBC) which currently meets in a building they built on a ten-acre lot that the FCC deeded to Farmington Baptist Church in 1997.

This unique property is a Christian campground and conference center in Northern New England.  Over the past decade the Board of Directors have continued to oversee the development of the property.  In more recent years, the 2 associations gave the center to the Board to manage.
Under the guidance from the Board the FCC has continued having camps, retreats, group rentals, mission teams and worship teams to come and utilize the facilities.
Our hope is to have all those that come to Farmington Conference Center to feel the love of Christ and to have part in advancing the kingdom by pointing others to Christ.