The Farmington Conference Center
Saturday, November 28, 2020



We are happy to say that this summer God gave us the opportunity to hold our Girls and Boys Camps ... and even more! 

While some things were done very differently - much preparation to make camp possible ... 

And, even though some of the groups. that normally come to help us prepare, were unable to come this year ... 

We had a great, though slightly different summer! 

Maine Disaster Relief  Training - Chain Saw Training (hoping to host again in 2021 and add Kitchen Training)! 

A couple of volunteers that came up from FL, quarantined, and then helped with clean-up and regular maintenance for a month or so! 

Girls Camp - a divided week by ages but an awesome time together!!!

We hosted a children's camp and a youth weekend for a church in our region!

Quilters came to spend several days making items for local fairs and for family and friends! 

We thank all you who support us in our mission to provide a facility for God to use to influence lives and expand His Kingdom! 

We are grateful for the many lives we were able partner with this year!!!

We hope to serve and host other churches and groups as we continue the mission set before us! 







Is your church planning a retreat ... a day camp ... a resident camp? 

Looking for a place to hold your church family picnic?

Need a day away with church leaders to plan? 

Want a place to do a training or planning day for your church leadership team? 

Need a place that won't break the bank?

We are ready to host your retreat ... your training event ... your camp ...

your church!

Make your plans come to life!

For more information contact us



Our purpose is to provide a first class facility that God can use to influence lives

and expand His Kingdom. 

We strive to honor God by serving our guests with excellence.